Monday, November 10, 2003



I'm completely infatuated by my beautiful new Palm. True, the finish is nicked here an there...but it's a factory refurb, so that's how it goes. I think they give it character. I'm currently working on getting a case for it, hopefully I'll get one cheap on Ebay too here in a few hours - if not, then I'll go get one someplace else, no big deal. Oh it's just so fabulously beautiful though. I am mesmerized by the bright colors of the screen and the little slider panel that covers up the graffiti area. I'm just totally in love with it. The only complaint that I have is the lack of games. It completely lacks any games at all...which is rather upsetting. I need solitare, or minesweeper, or something...and I'd really rather not pay for it. Of course that's not likely, but it's a nice though.

I'm just so happy that it's here and it's mine now!

Friday, November 07, 2003

Palm Store - Palm

Oh oh! So excited! Eeeeeep! Yes, you should be very jealous...this beautiful Palm shall soon be mine. I've been lusting after the Tungsten T for about a month now. As a poor student, I can't afford to spend $200 (that's the latest price on an open box one...the factory re-furbs are actually like $230, and brand new, closed box ones have been something like $250-275) I'd been checking ebay obsessively. I knew how much I was willing to spend, but alas each auction topped out someplace around the prices quoted above. No matter how many times I bid, I could not win. Until last night. By some odd occurance, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Somehow there just happened to be a factory refurb from a seller with really good feedback for $130 with like 1 minute left. Usually I stop and consider such things, reading the description many times, checking it with someone else...but last night, I read the description really quickly, and tossed down a bid, not really expecting to win. I figured there was no way that my top bid would be enough to win it for me. But it was! To my suprise, at the last moment, I outbid the last bidder by 99 cents! I'm so excited. With the shipping added, the handheld only cost me about $10 more than I really wanted to spend on it. Of course, ideally I would have paid like $80 for the whole thing...but let's be honest, that wasn't going to happen. It's a really nice handheld, and completely worth every penny I'm paying for it. No, I don't have/make ALOT of money, but I make enough and I save alot. I don't go out, I don't shop indiscriminately, I'm the queen of clearance sales (example from last weekend: I got an $80 8 place setting of dinnerware for $20, a $129 leather coat for my fiance for $29, two Pyrex baking dishes for $4, and a really nice set of kitchen untensils for $4). This was something I wanted that was just for me, and I think I deserved it and that I got a really good deal. We're saving up for a laptop too, but hopefully I'll get some money for graduation that will help pay for that (and if not, then we'll pool/use Christmas money).

Anyway, yay for me! My Palm should be on its way to me soon! I can't wait!